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  • Former High Jump Athlete Shares Hip Joint Replacement Surgery Experience with HKAHF & Health for All

  • 疫情影響游水教練收入 獲批資助完成「通波仔」手術 COVID Affects Swimming Coach's Income; Funding Approved for PCI Surgery

  • 雙眼受白內障影響長達廿年 術後終看見巴士號碼 Bilateral Cataract Patient for 20 years, Able to See Buses Post-Surgery

  • 84歲白內障人士梁伯 獲迅速安排手術改善生活 Cataract Surgery Arranged for 84-Year-Old Mr. Leung to Improve His Life


  • Healthy Lifestyle Fund Summer NEWSTART Camp 2019

  • Adventist's Got Talent

  • Healthy Lifestyle Fund 2nd Care Date 2018
    健康生活基金Care Date 糉是關愛

  • Healthy Lifestyle Fund 1st Care Date 2018

  • Adventist Culinary Star – A date with Ms. Teresa Mo

Healthy Lifestyle Fund

  • 新起點健康教育影片 - 「運動小貼士」

  • 新起點健康教育影片 -「健康飲食」

  • 新起點健康教育影片-「健康烹飪示範」

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