1. What is Healthy Lifestyle Fund (HLF)?

Healthy Lifestyle Fund (HLF) was established in April 2017 by the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation with a mission to raise fund to educate the public on important health topics such as disease prevention and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a sustainable way. The fund focuses its efforts on financially disadvantaged families and individuals across the city, organizing a wide range of programs including health promotion campaigns, NEWSTART lifestyle camps, free health screenings, and various educational initiatives.

2. What is I AM HEALTHY?

"I Am Healthy" (IMH) is a brand-new health promotion campaign featuring a series of tailor-made activities that aim to boost public awareness of the importance of healthy living as well as raise funds for HLF and its programs.

The IMH campaign will officially launch in June 2019 and is currently recruiting schools, organizations, and the public to participate in several fundraising programs such as "Walk to Give", "Draw to Give" and "Post to Give". Each of these programs has been thoughtfully designed to not only raise funds but also guide participants in their journey towards healthy living and disease prevention, with the hope of eventually reducing the pressure on both public and private healthcare systems in the long run.

3. Goal of IMH

  • ● Raise awareness of the importance of disease prevention and living a healthy lifestyle

  • ● Support United Nations’ sustainable development goals, specifically “Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being”, which aims to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages, both essential components of sustainable development

4. Achievement

All proceeds from the IMH campaign will be directed to HLF to fund a wide variety of programs that promote healthy living and disease prevention:

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