Post to Give Post 出健康

Participant’s Information 參加者資料

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Age 年齡*

Class / Faculty 年級 / 學系*

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Group’s Information 組別資料

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Contact no. of contact person 組別聯絡人電話

Instagram account name Instagram 帳戶名稱

Please upload the captured screen of the post 請上載貼文截圖
* Image format should be jpg / gif / png. File size less than 2 mb
* 圖檔格式為 jpg / gif / png。檔案大小不得超過2 mb。

Rules and Regulations 參賽規則

Participants must agree to and abide by all the following terms and conditions to qualify for the competition:

  • The post must be posted within the competition period;

  • The post must be matched to the theme

  • The specific hashtag must be included in the post

  • It is required to follow the Instagram account of “I am Healthy” and “Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation”

  • The Instagram account must be set to public
    Instagram 帳戶必須設定為公開

  • The image of post must be original, the post found to have infringed other people's copyrights, be they commercial or non-commercial, will be disqualified. The Organizers will not be held responsible for any infringement of copyrights committed by the participants;

  • Please pay attention that re-posting the image from other websites or blogs without permission may constitute copyright infringement. In addition, if image captured any person, consent must be obtained prior to use the image.

  • If any suspected cheating or dishonest behavior during the competition, the organizer has the right to disqualify any participant without any notice;

  • Participants must ensure their entries contain no pornography, violence, objectionable, or commercial and religious propaganda element. They should also ensure that the entries do not lead to defamation, indecency, offensive, racial misunderstanding or discrimination;

  • The Organizer own the copyrights of all entries and will have the right to use all entries in any publicity, exhibition or publication purposes. Prior notice of payment and agreement to participants for the copyright is not required;

  • Entries not complying with the competition regulations and late submission of the captured screen of post will be disqualified;

  • Participants agree to provide personal data and authorize the Organizers to release such data for promotional purposes. All collected data will be destroyed if no longer required after the competition;

  • The Organizers reserve the final right to interpret and amend the regulations of the competition;

  • Participants must have full understanding of the regulations of the competition. Submission of entries by participants implies that they have agreed to abide by and accept all the regulations involved;

Remarks 備註:
An acknowledgement email will be sent to the participants with the recommended amount and donation method once received the submission.

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