Jeffery Yau - Men of Hope Awards
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Jeffery Yau

2019 Winners | ENTREPRENEUR

Jeffery Yau


Jeffery Yau founded Puyi Group in 2001, with a simple belief that eyewear is not only for fulfilling necessity, but also for defining personal styles and expressing fine taste for luxury. Since the opening of its first shop in Hong Kong, the name “Puyi” is often remembered by its round-shaped antique spectacles. It symbolizes Jeffery’s respect for the Chinese tradition as well as his audacity to bring in western creativity and innovation, and with such foresighted vision he established one of the most reputable eyewear retail companies in the world. 


Over the past decade, Jeffery introduced numerous international eyewear brands into the market, and kept stunning the industry by his innovative concepts. Today, he runs 82 shops in 20 cities and leads the luxury optical market in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Macau. The Puyi 1881 flagship store (called by many as “the museum”) in Hong Kong is well known as one of the most impressive eyewear stores in the world. Foreseeing the diversity of market needs and the evolution of trends, Jeffery developed different retail lines including Glasstique, Reflections, Point De Vue, Vault, O-O Shop and O-O Vision. With very selective and exclusive brands, Jeffery opened standalone brand boutiques including Gentle Monster, Linda Farrow and Lotos.


Jeffery also partners with the world’s top brands such as Zeiss, bringing in the most cutting-edge technology by pioneering Puyi Zeiss Optical Lab exclusively in his retail network. In 2017, Puyi and Zeiss jointly introduced the ever first Zeiss Vision Center by Puyi Optical in Hong Kong, which is so far the only Zeiss Vision Center in the world equipped with the most advanced Zeiss eye health devices. Furthermore, the most advanced 3D centration device “Zeiss VisuFit 1000” made its world debut at Zeiss Vision Center by Puyi Optical. Among all Puyi stores, Jeffery has been striving to elevate customer journey by offering customers unique yet professional eye care and eye examination experience.


In 2018, Jeffery acquired the majority share of Chang’s Optical, which is one of the most successful eyewear wholesale companies across the Greater China Region. By keeping abreast of the latest market trends and leveraging Puyi’s retail expertise, Jeffery aims at unleashing potential of the premium eyewear market in Taiwan and driving eyewear development in Asia. In January 2019, Jeffery opened up the ever first Puyi Optical in Taiwan as well as 2 standalone boutiques for Gentle Monster and Linda Farrow in Xinyi District, where is the key commercial hub of Taipei.  Jeffery is one of the key influencers and well respected in the world’s eyewear industry. By continually bringing in new insights to the market, he strives to create important milestones for Puyi Group and to lead the high-end eyewear market.