Dennis Chan - Men of Hope Awards
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Dennis Chan

2019 Winners | GLOBAL CHAMPION

Dennis Chan


The vision of Dennis Chan, creative director and co-founder of Qeelin, China's first Luxury Jewellery Brand is: To bring the best of China to the world.


D. Chan received his design education from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His scholarship brought him to London, where he started his career as a designer in a local consultancy. He then came back to Hong Kong to join the design consultancy headed by the renowned “Godfather” of product design, Mr. Ken Shimasaki. In 1989, D. Chan set up his own company, Longford, providing professional design consultancy services to international brands and institutions.


D. Chan has been invited to work on many international projects. These include designing an elegant wristwatch as the Hong Kong Government Official Souvenir for VIPs at the Hong Kong Handover Ceremony in 1997 or the 33-metre high Millennium Clock Tower, celebrating the new century in 2000. He has won numerous local and international design awards including The Chartered Society of Designers, Japan G Mark, Singapore Design Awards and Maison & Object of Paris. His designs have exhibited at the world-famous Louvre in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


Over the years, D. Chan has been continuously challenging himself on multi-disciplinary designs. He believes that design has no boundaries, and his move to luxury jewellery design is the natural extension of his lifelong passion for exquisite timepieces and fine jewellery. His designs are original, unique and modern. With his unique artistic sensibility, D. Chan brings a contemporary viewpoint to Chinese arts, creating jewellery designs that are meant to become artistic icons.


D. Chan's luxury designs for Qeelin first made headlines when the charismatic Maggie Cheung wore the Wulu collection while receiving Gold Palm Award for “Best Actress” at 2004 Cannes Film Festival.


Ever evolving, D. Chan is always keen to keep his design approach fresh and innovative. Apart from product and jewellery design, he has branched out into various artistic avenues. Besides exploring photography and videography, he is also an artist and sculptor who created HAHA PANDA in 2014. Born out of D. Chan’s personal interest in ancient Chinese civilisation and his reflective acumen in the clash of old and new for the young Chinese generation, HAHA PANDA is a playful yet insightful artistic platform built to facilitate the discussion of contemporary Chinese culture and Chinese values from a global perspective. “HAHA” represents “happiness” and “harmony”, expressed through the amiable nature of the panda, a Chinese icon in itself.


D. Chan’s latest hobby is rap and hip-hop music. The freedom in hip-hop is visually expressed through D. Chan’s sartorial style and the playful styling of his fine jewellery on men and women. D. Chan currently composes and produces music for fun – but fans are awaiting yet another breakthrough in his career when he brings his musical insights into his jewellery designs.