8 Categories - Women of Hope Awards
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8 Categories

Art & Culture

These successful art visionaries have elevated the Hong Kong art and culture scene into a global community.

Champion for a Better Life

Someone who has forged ahead calling for social justice or addressing social ills in our society.

Children’s Advocate

These women are an active advocate for children, nurturing them and working on initiatives to aid their future development.


These women are tireless advocates for a greener Hong Kong, and trailblazers in the field of environmentalism.


In our contemporary competitive landscape, these vibrant individuals have made inroads into carving out their own successful businesses.

Global Champion

These are the women who have helped put Hong Kong on the map with outstanding endeavours in their respective fields.

Health Advocate

A champion of medicine and health, these women are making a difference to our everyday well-being.

Power & Influence

These women use their position of influence and power to further the hope and future of other women through economic or cultural empowerment.