Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation (HKAHF)

Board of Governors – Tsuen Wan (BOG-TW)

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation (HKAHF) was established in 1999, with a mission to support financially disadvantaged people in need of medical treatment in Hong Kong and around the region.
In 2016, the Board of Governors – Tsuen Wan (BOG-TW) was established, uniting efforts with the BOG – Stubbs Road to more effectively serve the community as one team. Both Boards serve specific demographics through their respective funds and programs.

BOG-TW manages the following Funds: Medical & Development and Healthy Lifestyle. Together, these funds provide multi-faceted medical and health-related support for individuals and families with financial difficulties.

BOG-TW Funds & Programs

  1. Medical Fund & Development Fund

    • Provides access to medical services, e.g. screenings and surgeries, for those in need.
    • For the maintenance, upkeep, upgrading, renovation, and replacement of apparatus, equipment, utilities and facilities and training of healthcare professionals of the Hospital.
  2. Healthy Lifestyle Fund

    • To promote the concepts of “total health” and healthy living, and the importance of disease prevention amongst socially vulnerable groups, as well as the general public, through educational program and accessible initiatives.
  3. Charity Programs:

    • Charity Cataract Surgery Program: provides free cataract surgery for elderlies above the age of 65 who have financial difficulties
    • Charity Diagnostic Imaging, in collaboration with the following groups:
      • New Territories West Cluster – Hospital Authority
      • Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry
    • Charity Medical Services





  1. 醫療及發展基金

    • 為有需要人士提供醫療服務,例如檢查服務及手術
    • 支持醫院改進及發展,包括設施翻新、儀器更換、項目發展及人才培訓
  2. 健康生活基金

    • 舉辦多元化的健康教育活動及推行健康推廣計劃,向弱勢社群及大眾推廣預防疾病、「全人健康」及健康生活模式。
  3. 慈善計劃 :

    • 慈善白內障手術計劃:為本地65歲或以上、有經濟困難的長者提供完全免費的白內障手術
    • 慈善診斷影像支援服務,與以下團體合作:
      • 新界西醫院聯網 – 醫院管理局
      • 香港遺傳性乳癌家族資料庫
    • 慈善醫療服務

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