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Supports eligible low-income patients by providing charity medical services and surgeries.

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Beneficiaries Story Sharing

Ms. Lee (not her real name) suffers from chronic high blood pressure and diabetes, which requires her to visit the public hospital regularly for checkups. When she began experiencing pain and tightness in her chest, her doctor recommended a CT scan and referred her to the cardiology department to await further follow-up. As she waited to be referred, Ms. Lee continued to experience discomfort and even visited the emergency room to seek medical help. The doctor on duty informed her that the largest blood vessel in her heart was about 90 percent blocked, while two other blood vessels were about 50 percent blocked. Even though her condition was critical, Ms. Lee still found herself waiting to be admitted to the hospital, which caused further stress and worry.

Retired and living alone, Ms. Lee was unable to afford an angioplasty at a private hospital and had no choice but to wait for a slot at the public hospital. As her symptoms grew worse, she became increasingly anxious about not being able to receive the treatment she urgently needed in time. Fortunately, she was ultimately referred to HKAHF, and was able to undergo the procedure at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Tsuen Wan. Angioplasties usually last three to four hours, and patients often recover after three to five days. They are generally able to return to their normal lives about one to two weeks after the procedure.



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