Charity Cataract Surgery Program

Support the eligible underprivileged elderly for charity cataract surgery


Beneficiaries Story Sharing

After a Decade of Cloudiness, Light and Vision Restored

For the past 10 years, Ms. Tse, who is nearing 70, has suffered from cataracts. Because her vision was blurry, she often rubbed her eyes, which caused them to become perpetually watery. This also affected her daily life in different ways – for example, she was unable to even see whether her vegetables or dishes were thoroughly clean after washing.

As a CSSA recipient, Ms. Tse was unable to afford cataract surgery at a private hospital. Not only did she have to continuously consult a doctor for seven to eight years, she had been waiting for five years for her turn to receive cataract surgery at a public hospital. Fortunately, her friend happened to come upon an article about Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation’s Charity Cataract Program, and immediately told her about it. Less than one month after she applied to be a beneficiary, HKAHF scheduled cataract surgery for her in June 2021.

Ms. Tse now enjoys much clearer vision and is able to read and use her phone normally once again. She is incredibly grateful for what she calls the “biggest gift of her life”. “Thank you, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Tsuen Wan, and all the generous donors,” she said. “I hope more cataract patients will also have the opportunity, like me, to regain their vision and quality of life.”

十年白內障幾近盲 術後重見光明

快要七十歲的謝女士,十多年來亦受白內障折磨; 她視物時總是模糊不清,於是經常揉眼睛,導致不停流眼水,相當影響日常生活;平日煮食前洗菜或洗碗,也難辨別是否已徹底洗淨。



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