We are dedicated to create an engaged culture of healthcare philanthropy in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation’s Charity Outreach Programs were set up to support financially disadvantaged patients from around the region. Our mission is to assist and support those people whose quality of life could be dramatically improved by medical treatment, yet lack the financial capacity to even consider seeking proper help. Through the Outreach Programs, we have been able to contribute to the society and have helped to restoring joy and happiness to families that have been plagued by ongoing suffering, pain, and uncertainty.

Our Charity Outreach Programs are a multi-faceted care service, providing assistance through financial contributions and is complementary to support the public sector. We depend on your generous and kind support to extend its life-changing initiatives.

Charity Outreach Programs include:

- Adventist Heart Fund
- Cancer Fund
- Hearing Fund
- Children’s Medical Fund
- Orthopaedic Fund
- Eye Fund
- General Medical Fund
- Medical Fund
- Development Fund
- Healthy Lifestyle Fund

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